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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial advisor?

An advisor is a trusted partner who provides financial guidance on many levels, such as, investment management, college planning, retirement planning and insurance needs.

How does the financial planning process work?

Putting together a strong path on the retirement roadmap begins by getting to know you. What are your values, goals in life and financial situation? Once we gather the initial information,we can put together a recommended proposal that will suit your goals. Once a path is selected, Hennings will execute the plan with ongoing goal review sessions with you.

Who can benefit most from financial planning?

Anyone can benefit from taking a look at their financial goals with a trusted partner.

How do I determine my long-term financial goals?

By developing a road map for your financial journey. What kind of a lifestyle do you want in retirement and when do you want retirement to start? Your goals should be reviewed annually.

Do women require unique financial planning?

Yes. Women's responsibilities are ever-changing with each season of life. Many women have chosen to follow their passion to own a business and have accumulated wealth through their vision. Also, women have a longer life expectancy than men and therefore face financial decisions due to divorce, separation or being widowed. Women look at every part of their life before making financial decisions. We here at Hennings Financial, Inc., we understand this.

What is the Hennings Financial, Inc. investment philosophy?

We base our investment philosophy around 5 Concepts:
1. Invest Early and Often
2. Diversify
3. Keep Costs Low
4. Minimize Taxes
5. Stay the Course, but Change as Needed

How much will my financial plan cost?

Depends on the services we provide for a client.
The initial meeting is FREE; and from there we (Hennings and you) will decide which route is best to take.

Why should I partner with Hennings?

Hennings Financial, Inc. partners follow a fiduciary standard with regards to investment. This means we are committed to putting our client's best interests first. The first consult with our partners is complimentary so we can get to know each other. Finding a trusted partner who can provide you with the right tools and the education to meet your financial goals is a good first step to any financial plan. Schedule an informal, one on one visit with our team to see if we are the right fit for you to help you on your journey.

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